Compact Mirror Gift Ideas

Our award-winning compact mirrors make beautiful gifts for brides, bridesmaids and special birthdays. You'll find our bestselling compact mirrors below. Every mirror can be engraved by your local jeweller.

All compact mirrors arrive beautifully gift-boxed with free UK shipping.

It’s absolutely beautiful and I wished I had found it sooner so I could have had it engraved
— C. Pagan, USA,
Beautiful compact, bought as a special gift for a friend who loved it.
— C. Dent, UK,
The recipient of the gift was ecstatic and overjoyed with the beautiful compact mirror
— C. Diaz, USA,

Why choose a compact mirror as a gift?

The arrival of compact mirrors in the 1920s caused quite the sensation. Scandalous young beauties began to apply makeup in public. They flashed their beautiful compacts in glamorous rebellion and pride.

Today, a gorgeous new compact mirror still brings that instant rush of glamour. Opening a compact on the tube or morning bus turns us for a moment into one of those daring young things. And who doesn't want a dash of that?!   

What's more, a compact mirror can be a lifetime gift. As beautiful as a bouquet of flowers, but there for us every morning when we get ready for the day. A lasting reminder of someone special or of a gloriously happy day.     

You'll find my exclusive collection of original gift compact mirrors here, and via Amazon worldwide. If you can't find what you're looking for, please do get in touch. You can read what our customers think here or catch up on the inspiration behind our most popular designs at my blog here . All our compact mirrors arrive beautifully presented, ready to be the perfect gift!   

Jane Vanroe

Jane Vanroe