In The Chap's "Mistress List" Gift Guide! My 1930s-style Stratton powder compact...

OOH! This month's issue of The Chap Magazine has just landed on my doormat... and the lovely Fleur de Guerre has recommended VanRoe Compacts in her "Mistress List". This is a brilliant guide to what Chappettes would actually love to receive in their Christmas stockings. Chap Magazine's gift guide VanRoe powder compacts

I wish it had arrived just a shade earlier so I could leave out on our coffee table! A Lucite bag? YES PLEASE Mr. Husband! (I probably own enough compacts... probably.......)

Actually, as a side note I yesterday evening spoke with a husband who's wife owns over ONE THOUSAND compacts. Aha. 1000.

You can see more of Stratton's new Art Deco wave compact over at VanRoe Compacts. x

The featured gift powder compact Stratton art deco

They're here! Lulu Guinness Poodle, Cameo and Lips Powder Compacts!

lulu guinness lips powder compact After almost a month of powder puff delays, they've finally arrived! I'm so excited about the three Lulu Guinness powder compact designs... and here they are! My favourite's still the adorable poodle (which I'd lobbied manufacturer, Stratton to produce as a compact), but gosh, Lulu's iconic "Lips" print works so well. And the Cameo's simply a modern classic!

All three Lulu Guinness compacts are now at VanRoe Compacts. Order by the 20th December for Christmas delivery!

lulu guinness poodle powder compact

lulu guinness cameo powder compact

lulu guinness box

Gratuitous photos of my little boys

Tripping over myself with energy today as my darling husband has started nights! For the last three evenings I've slept, slept, slept... my first full nights of sleep in over four months! Joji, my newest, is a darling but totally not a sleeper. Tonight I'm back on call, but in the meantime here are a few gratuitous pics of the cause my 2am sorrows... joji

Billy and Joji

Playing "Nappy Hat"

There's more "Nappy Hat" action (and explanation) at my husband's home renovation blog!