Powder compacts on route to the post office On paper, wrapping, packing and posting eight powder compacts and restocking my site with five more seem like non-tasks. Either I'm an unsatisfactory worker, or days are shorter in Yorkshire. Well, they are. We're further from the equator. But not that shorter.

Halifax has a 4pm to 5pm rush hour, which also holds in the postal arena. As everyone here has an ebay business on the side, queues were long but cheery. The post office staff take cheeriness seriously (unlike those perma-grumps in London). The chap at the next counter wondered aloud why Australians bought from him items they could buy quite easily in Australia.

Posting the compacts was unexpectedly difficult. Mixed feelings of acute responsibility for the happiness of their new owners (please like them, please), and an unhinged concern for their happiness in their new home. For acute responsibility, think Gok Wan if he was spending Hazel from Leed's own money on that trenchcoat.  For unhinged concern, think RSPCA rehoming lady if prospective household turned up with only a piece of string.

Jesus, what if I was selling dogs. There's no way I could cope.