Powder compacts in... Lancashire!

My vintage powder compacts in Lancashire Life Three months ago I met with lovely journalist, Mary Hampshire, and local photographer, Joan Russell, about a feature in Yorkshire Life magazine. Nothing heard for a while... then suddenly a couple of orders saying they'd spotted "my article in Lancashire Life". So, drove east to see if I could fish myself a copy in The Badlands (Burnley, near William's Nanna's house). And found I had forgotten my purse.

I finally got my copy in Manchester Airport, on route to our hols last week. Here it is, having travelled to Italy... crumpled but happily back in Yorkshire. Always a shock to see a photo of yourself, but particularly in an airport Neros. We didn't catch that moment, but did get a later shot on our hotel balcony.

Me and my Lancashire Life

There were a few retired Lancashire couples on our lastminute package, so tempted to pass my copy around the pool with the News of the World doing the rounds... "You may have seen me in this month's Lancashire Life, you know". But, how to explain the geographical jump? I guess Yorkshire Life's just that bit harder to crack, the "Elle" to Lancashire Life's "Marie Claire" magazine. ;) In any case, the article's awesome, so thank you "Life" publications!!

In other news, I forgot to top up my business bank account before we left (after sourcing *a lot* of new stock in April) so have been royally whipped again by HSBC business banking. Co-op Finance via Federation of Small Businesses (which I've happily joined) here I come.  The realities of business banking have been a massive shock, and provide many "phew, glad I'm starting small" moments.