First new Stratton powder compacts!

New silver-plated Stratton compact with fuchsia faux snakeskin  Ok, can't tell you how excited I am... Finally, finally have my first four brand new Stratton powder compacts online! (After photographs, more photographs (compacts are surprisingly huffy supermodels), research, editing and website redesign!)

More designs to follow. But here's a little about why I feel I've eaten a whole bloc of Galaxy...

British company Stratton, est. 1860, has made exceptional powder compacts since 1923. My selection of their best new designs are handmade to the highest standards. Cases are gilt or chrome plated, then double lacquered for a beautiful gloss finish.


By the early 1930s Stratton produced over half of all compacts used by the UK cosmetics industry. Four of the five Stratton factories were destroyed in WWII, but the company restarted their production lines in 1946. By the mid 1950s, popular designs and film-star endorsement made the company a worldwide brand.

...and I'm stocking their newest range!  You know, I feel like Libertys. Only more geeky about compacts ;)