Taking my powder compacts to Saltaire Vintage Fair!

Saltaire Vintage Fair Early start tomorrow for the vintage fair in Saltaire - a World Heritage Site and home to a crazy number of David Hockneys in the cavernous Salts Mill. No arts for me this time, as I'll be in the Victoria Hall with my compacts and 7 3/4 month baby bump... hoping that some kind soul might watch my stall while I go for another quick wee.

A rather exciting week til now - compacts to the USA, Spain, Norfolk and Reunion... which I now know (thanks Google maps) is a French island east of Madagascar! Also working myself up into a tizzy about the new Strattons. Rephotographed, more new range on site. But, but, still rather itchy that my photos don't do the compacts justice. I may just have to branch into film. VanRoe on Youtube next week! (Already fretting about my nails!).

Pink croc Stratton vintage-style powder compact

Trying to do as much as possible before Baby2 arrives. William was two week's early, so arrival, based on past form, may actually be this month! Getting darling husband up to speed on packing and shipping compacts so that we have minimum disruption in service, and Granddad is poised with an overnight bag for baby sitting (not sure that our increasingly toddler-ish 14 month old will be much help in the delivery room...)

New Stratton "bamboo" vintage-style powder compact