A beautiful wedding, and my Yorkshire Dales 30th

One of those wonderful weeks you look forward to for months, and they go in a second. My sister's beautiful white wedding on Saturday with a night, with-William, at the lovely Shireburn Hotel (her perfect venue). Then my 30th, and a night away without-William (our first since he was born!) in The Austwick Traddock in the Yorkshire Dales.

I'd searched for a vintage dress to stretch over my bump for months. Turns out that my trusted 1930s bias cut floral had been a fluke, and all other gowns turned their nose up at baby 2's current residency. I had to go for modern - a non-preggo dress from the Fenn Wright Manson sale. But I found a 1950s navy wool jacket stored under my bed from bigger days... and promptly took it off for all photos!

My sister looked stunning in the dress our Mum designed and made.

Austwick and Malham Tarn walks made for a perfect 30th. Especially since we could eat together, sans-William, at whatever time we liked! Usually we're ruled by his schedule and 7pm bedtimes... and the strict food tax he imposes on anything consumed by his parents. Try eating toast in front of him. He's a tyrant.

Anyway, freedom (thank you Grandparents!) meant that Yorkshire's finest was on the menu. Here's me and a quick snack on route.