My powder compacts reviewed by Penny Dreadful Vintage!

VanRoe powder compacts at Penny Dreadful VIntage I'm addicted to vintage style bloggers. The enthusiasm, expertise and, damnit, sheer stylishness of their authors is far above standard fashion mag fair. And then there's the photographs... the photographs! Favourites include the wonderful Fleur de Guerre, Jessica at Chronically Vintage, Gemma at Retro Chick and Margaret at Penny Dreadful Vintage.

So last month I thought sod it. I'll actually say hello before baby 2 arrives and I have to peel myself away for a blog-free, baby-feeding holiday (some amazing Mummies may be able to balance a laptop and a breast-feeding baby, probably using a Moby Wrap... but I'm stumped).

Catching up on vintage style, while wearing a jumper of my husband's that shrunk in the wash

Anyway, utterly delighted that last week Margaret wrote about the vintage KIGU compact I'd sent! And, naturally, her lovely post at Penny Dreadful Vintage has the most amazing photographs... And, er, then I spotted her Mum in her latest post and spent the next half an hour drooling over vintage knitting adverts... May just have to make another cup of tea and catch up on Fleur, Jessica and Gemma. It's lovely to be stylish, vicariously!