Pictures of baby Joseph, our newest, loveliest arrival!

A whirlwind this week! Catching breath now to post pictures as a very proud new Mummy! Joseph Johnston arrived on Friday, after surprising us all with his mysterious Macavity-esque birth - my waters broke on Wednesday evening, Grandparents rushed over to collect William, and then... nothing! More nothing for almost two days until 30mins before the midwives were to hook up the induction drip. Not wanting to be on anyone's timetable but his own, Joseph then makes his entry in just over an hour. And chose the exact time of the midwife's shift change for his arrival. 7.31pm it is. Weight? 5lb15 - the exactly that of his brother! Seems I'm a microwave that cooks babies *just* long enough!

So, pictures of our gorgeous boys. And one thrown in of my gorgeous, amazing husband for good measure. He's the rock currently keeping the Johnston household, and VanRoe firmly on track. Although we may not have newly restored compacts up as quickly on the site - and especially following today's lovely mention in The Stylist's Most Desired Items, may therefore be temporarily lower in stock - we promise your order will be with you as usual! x