A sneak preview of Lulu Guinness powder compacts!

Lulu Guinness powder compacts vintage style Emerging from my baby-fug as Christmas hurtles into view, and I launch a brand new range by a wonderful British designer! VanRoe Compacts will be stocking the latest vintage-style powder compacts by… Lulu Guinness!

I’m so excited by this as I’ve admired Lulu Guinness’s handbag designs for years, but could never collect enough pennies to invest. Her powder compact designs are as stunning, and that little bit more affordable (£65). What’s more they are manufactured by British heritage brand, Stratton, so the quality is perfect.

I adore the Lulu Guinness poodle you can see in my sneak preview pic. It’s such a perfect 1950s inspired design, cute but on totally the right side of kitsch. This was initially going to be released as a mirror, but I lobbied the wonderful people at Stratton to produce it as a compact… and they said yes!

Like all Stratton convertible compacts, the poodle compact fits pressed refills like Max Factor Crème Puff, Estee Lauder Lucidity and Rimmel Stay Matte. Using Stratton’s removable sifter, it can also be filled with any loose powder or powder foundation.

Lulu Guinness cameo powder compact

The gorgeous Cameo compact is specially made for loose powder. It has an inner powder container featuring Stratton’s famous “self-opening” lid. I’ve spent more time than I should admit to happily opening and snapping it shut…

All in all, Lulu Guinness’s powder compacts are amazing. I take delivery of my first stock in about a week!