My powder compacts in the Leeds Christmas Gift Guide!

vanroe powder compacts in the leeds guide christmas gift A lovely surprise today - two of my powder compacts made the Christmas Gift section of The Leeds Guide!

The pink quilt Stratton compact is my favourite, and the one I carry. I'm thinking of filming the poor darling as its the compact that my photos do the least justice, so glad it's having a moment of Leeds fame! The Bamboo compact is a best-seller, and I've placed another order with Stratton to meet Christmas orders.

PS - Huge apologies if you're looking for Stratton's "Forget-me-not" compact or their "Strawberry Thief". I'm currently all out, but should receive a delivery by the end of the week. It's been a huge rush these past few days!

The new Stratton powder compact I use and love - my 1960s-style patent pink compact