In The Chap's "Mistress List" Gift Guide! My 1930s-style Stratton powder compact...

OOH! This month's issue of The Chap Magazine has just landed on my doormat... and the lovely Fleur de Guerre has recommended VanRoe Compacts in her "Mistress List". This is a brilliant guide to what Chappettes would actually love to receive in their Christmas stockings. Chap Magazine's gift guide VanRoe powder compacts

I wish it had arrived just a shade earlier so I could leave out on our coffee table! A Lucite bag? YES PLEASE Mr. Husband! (I probably own enough compacts... probably.......)

Actually, as a side note I yesterday evening spoke with a husband who's wife owns over ONE THOUSAND compacts. Aha. 1000.

You can see more of Stratton's new Art Deco wave compact over at VanRoe Compacts. x

The featured gift powder compact Stratton art deco

Gratuitous photos of my little boys

Tripping over myself with energy today as my darling husband has started nights! For the last three evenings I've slept, slept, slept... my first full nights of sleep in over four months! Joji, my newest, is a darling but totally not a sleeper. Tonight I'm back on call, but in the meantime here are a few gratuitous pics of the cause my 2am sorrows... joji

Billy and Joji

Playing "Nappy Hat"

There's more "Nappy Hat" action (and explanation) at my husband's home renovation blog!

My powder compacts in the Leeds Christmas Gift Guide!

vanroe powder compacts in the leeds guide christmas gift A lovely surprise today - two of my powder compacts made the Christmas Gift section of The Leeds Guide!

The pink quilt Stratton compact is my favourite, and the one I carry. I'm thinking of filming the poor darling as its the compact that my photos do the least justice, so glad it's having a moment of Leeds fame! The Bamboo compact is a best-seller, and I've placed another order with Stratton to meet Christmas orders.

PS - Huge apologies if you're looking for Stratton's "Forget-me-not" compact or their "Strawberry Thief". I'm currently all out, but should receive a delivery by the end of the week. It's been a huge rush these past few days!

The new Stratton powder compact I use and love - my 1960s-style patent pink compact

Halifax locations for a magazine photoshoot!

The Metropolitan, Halifax, Yorkshire I was completely thrilled last week when a national magazine asked if they could profile me and VanRoe. Of course, yes!!! Then the dread set in. Where on earth could the "portrait" photo be taken? Since Joji's arrival standards have certainly slipped in our Halifax terrace, and they were low to begin with. William (now 18 months) spends at least an hour a day rearranging our decor... Tupperware boxes posted under rugs, electronics and in bookshelves is a current touch. And there's no way I'm letting anyone unrelated anywhere near our bathroom. mortifying.

The Metropolitan, Halifax, Yorkshire

Anyway, the search began. Then lightening inspiration: The Metropolitan in Halifax. I drove into town this morning to meet manager Jill, and take some quick photos to send to the magazine. (Wearing, I should add, heels for the first time in 11 months! I mean, photoshoot, heels, powder compact in my handbag... no bump, no babies. Bloomin' heck.) These gorgeous settings all come from the venue, which has been lovingly restored by a local family business. It's perfect.

The Metropolitan, Halifax, Yorkshire